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From a Patient

I have had Chronic Lyme for 20 years and I have a lot of experience with the CDC and the IDSA Guidelines. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center tested me with an Elisa Test even though I live in the number two State for Lyme Disease, Vermont.

All my Elisa Tests were negative because nobody tested me for Epstein Barr Virus which Lyme Disease had Re-activated. For Ten years the Doctors denied every red flag for Lyme Disease that I demonstrated and said my illness was in my head because of one stupid test that was a FALSE POSITIVE BECAUSE OF EBV..

It is a WELL KNOWN FACT that Mono (stage two of Epstein Barr Virus)aka Epstein Barr Virus produces false negatives. MY Doctor who later fired me from my family practice I had been with for 35 years.

I found a Doctor in Mass who tested and treated me for EBV and many other pathogens like Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Chlamydia Pneumoniae and six other pathogens common to Lyme Disease.

I was denied a test for Epstein Barr Virus by the Same Hospital and Doctors (CDC & IDSA). If they had ONLY TESTED me for EBV they would have figured out that I was very very ill. If they had tested me for EBV they would have found that I had a very heavy viral load. After 15 years of being chronically ill I was finally able to knock down the EBV with meds and supplements and I finally tested positive for Lyme and Babesia after contracting it in 1999.

Because of the CDC and the the Junk Science that the IDSA Guidelines were based on, I was treated by Doctors who forced themselves to ignore all of my medical issues day after day. Month after Month. Blood Tests. Anemia. All they did was try to prove that I didn’t have Lyme Disease when I was severely ill and almost completely incapacitated. They refused to test me for EBV, they refused to connect the dots of all my different ailments.

I did not KNOW that I was a VICTIM of the BOGUS TWO TIERED Lyme Tests until I left Vermont and I was tested by a highly Qualified Doctor in the endemic state of Massachusetts in 2014.

People who Live in a high EPIDEMIC States should go Straight to the Western Blot, especially if they have all of the Symptoms that I had. As soon as The DHMC people saw my Negative Elisa Test I was dead to them.

Then the NH Doctors watched as I deteriorated for 14 straight years until I got my True Positive Western BLot Test which they don’t recognize because of The CDC and the IDSA Flawed Two-Tiered Lyme Test that Misses 80% of of the American Population.

They denied my Positive Lyme Test from the Best Lab Test in America. I was treated with Psych-Meds by Doctors who emphatically denied my Lyme Disease for twenty Years in-spite of Two Positive Lyme Test. Of course I needed the Pysch-Meds because I was so sick.

My Suggestions for the HUMANE treatment of Lyme Disease and it’s many many Coinfections is to Listen-Listen-Listen to all of us and stop treating us like Lab Rats. People with tick bites in States like Vermont (Number 2 for Lyme Disease) and Maine (Who is Number 1) do not need the STUPID ELISA TEST, we should all be given the Western Blot. Vermonters have big challenge that their Doctors are not ready to tackle and we all need help. The IDSA Doctors are famous for Denying Lyme Disease so that the Lyme victims can never get IV treatment like I needed after 15 years of a raging Lyme Infection. STOP DENYING LYME DISEASE-STOP DENYING THAT LYME IS A AMERICAN MADE BIO-WEAPON THAT WAS UNLEASHED ON US AND DENIED BY THE CDC AND THE I.D.S.A.SINCE THE EARLY SEVENTIES. ERIC TRAUB WAS A RUSSIAN DOUBLE AGENT WHO BRED TICKS WITH MANY PATHOGENS ON PLUM ISLAND FROM 194? TO THE SEVENTIES.

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