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Letters from the Public

In 2006 the previous Lyme disease guidelines were issued; then in 2009, the IDSA did a review and concluded they were fine as is and made no changes, despite all the objections from patients and doctors.  In 2016, the guidelines were reviewed again by the IDSA and in 2019 a draft of new guidelines was […]

I wish the new guidelines addressed the chronic disease taking into account up-to-date scientific literature on Lyme. Please. A lots of people and kids health are at stake. And relate to recent up date, I disagree with these restrictive guidelines that offer no perspective for chronic Lyme patients. Thank you, Catherine Breton

My name is Marie de Prémonville, I’m French and aged 46. Having been bitten multiple times by ticks as a teenager, I developed Lyme disease as a young adult. It took me 20 years to get to a correct diagnosis (I had been wrongly diagnosed with spondylarthritis and given cortisone for years, with no improvement […]

I would like to point out that the Klempner trial is ancient history now, was said at the time to be the first of several trials (after patient advocates pointed out its flaws), but no further trials were scheduled. Klempner’s subjects were people who had already had extended treatment, comparable to what they were given […]

I have had Chronic Lyme for 20 years and I have a lot of experience with the CDC and the IDSA Guidelines. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center tested me with an Elisa Test even though I live in the number two State for Lyme Disease, Vermont. All my Elisa Tests were negative because nobody tested me […]

The IDSA has made review difficult by only offering the draft online in protected format. It cannot be searched by keyword nor can it be printed. Requests for a pdf that can be annotated were met with refusal. If you really want feedback, why did you make the process so difficult? The IDSA has admitted […]

Living on lyme time for over 50 years, I am disabled and now gross 757.00 a month from disability. My every moment is consumed with dealing with symptoms. Innumerable doctors insult/ed, abuse and continue to misdiagnosis me. I don’t trust any of them anymore. I would be happy to be dead … tried that 4 […]