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Historically, Medical Guidelines have been established by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) andposted on the National Clearing House for Guidelines website (  Guidelines are generally written by Medical Societies and are not to be confused with Standards of Care.  They are designed to facilitate patient care, but not to dictate the care of any given patient in the Community.The Center for Disease Control (CDC) 

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Our Mission

Our mission is transparency in guideline development.  The federal government has established a Tick-borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG) which reported to congress a recommendation for a website for guidelines to replace the Clearing House website.  This website is an attempt to ensure compliance with that recommendation.  A public response period to proposed guidelines is also mandated and is now underway.

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Standards vs Guidelines

It is imperative that a distinction remain clear between “guidelines” and “standards of care”.  The latter are often the basis of malpractice suits and Medical Board actions against physicians.  A standard of care is a community-developed construct of what is acceptable in the community in which a patient and doctor live.  It considers individual variation in patient needs, desires, and community

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About Us has been created by Jane Marke, MD, as a public service to provide transparency and a history of the development of the new guidelines. Comments submitted to are archived on the site, and shared with absolutely nobody else. All comments should also be submitted by the authors to IDSA using the links provided. No personal information is shared with anybody. For more information on Dr. Marke, you can go to